CAN Bus – Quick and Easy on Opal-6

We have customers using CAN for a wide variety of applications.  Vehicle-based devices are the most common, and these range from earth moving machinery, to busses to boats.  It is also used on non-moving industrial devices as an easy and reliable way for parts of a physically distributed system to communicate.

The Opal-6 IoT Development Kit includes CAN PHYs and super-quick push-wire connectors to enable rapid prototyping of applications. 

We have put together a short video showing the key features along with a quick look at a demo application running under Windows Embedded Compact 2013

The WEC 2013 source code is here.

If you are using Linux, the SocketCAN API is a good way to access the CAN bus.

If CAN is a requirement for your next project, or if you think it might be a useful feature to include, drop us a line so we can talk further about getting you up and running.

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