GuruCE : Windows Embedded

GuruCE are experts in Windows Embedded Operating System and device driver development, and are the exclusive provider of Windows CE/Compact OS support on Device Solutions hardware.

GuruCE have offices in New Zealand and The Netherlands.

Freescale Semiconductor

Device Solutions exclusively uses Freescale ARM processors in our modules. We are a member of the Freescale Connect Partner Program.


ILR offers design and engineering expertise to engineering and manufacturing companies that need to get hardware and embedded software engineering projects to the marketplace quickly, efficiently and at minimal risk.
They have completed several designs with Device Solutions modules and bring specific expertise in the integration of credit card payment systems and mobile data.

ILR is located in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Timesys : Android and Linux

Timesys are experts in Linux and Android development and support our Quartz and Opal-6 products.  They support the Yocto build system as well as their own LinuxLink suit of tools.

Timesys are based in the USA.

Trygtech : Android and Linux

Trygtech has expertise in Linux and Android operating system, driver and application development. They provide ports for Linux and Android for our Topaz and Opal products.

Trygtech are based in WA, USA.

In The Hand

In The Hand Ltd specialises in managed code development for handheld computing devices.

Their XAML In The Hand product simplifies Windows Embedded Compact 7 development on Opal, allowing developers to use embedded Silverlight from within their C# applications.